International Hip Disorder and Arthroplasty Congress

Time: 3-5 July 2019

Venue:Talash cultural and sport centre , Esteghlal Avenue, Vali-asr Street, Tehran, Iran


13 CME Credits

Congress Scientific Secretary : Dr Ali Yeganeh

Congress Executive Secretary :  Dr Faramarz Ghiaghi

The congress scientific secretary’s message

Message from the Secretary of the Congress


I am very pleased to announce that the Iranian hip and arthroplasty association, despite the problems of the country update and the current special conditions, is organizing a hip and arthroplasty congress with the participation of professors and colleagues both inside and outside the country from July 14 to July 12. For the purposes, it attempts to extend the span and diversity of the congresses.

Because of costing and the need for knowledge, arthroplasty always requires the use of new and world-class experiences. Iranian Hip and Arthropod Association are committed to providing a forum for the upcoming exchange of ideas in this field.

Since hip and its fractures always have a great financial and mental problem for families, we try to share the latest experiences of colleagues.

one-day nursing and physiotherapy seminar with a focus on hip and knee arthroplasty (pre and postoperative measures) will be hold to answer to a part of common nurses, physiotherapists and orthopedic questions.

For assistants and graduates, the Hip and Arthropod Board Test is held in OSCE and written format. Taking a trip to one of European countries is considered for a top-notch graduate.

At the end, I propose the possibility of holding a hip and knee congress in biennial and in turn, because it will provide a better context for the participation of professors and colleagues.

To held a better congress, we would like to ask our colleagues and all related professors to help us with their experiences and suggestions.

Dr. Ali Yeganehl

Scientific Secretary of the Arthroplasty Congress of the Hip society

The head of Hip Society message

Dear colleagues and respected members of the Iranian hip surgeons Association

Since one of the objectives of this scientific community is to raise the level of scientific knowledge related to this part of orthopedics, especially in helping patients in need, regardless the monthly conferences of the association, which are continuously presented as a lecture, introduction of patient and the journal club Held in the current year is the annual congress of the association of hip Joint Surgeons.

The congress, which is held for three days, the scientific findings and empirical findings of colleagues and surgeons in the field in relation to the pelvic ring and the hip joint, both in the case of trauma or fractures  and in the case of hip joint injuries and replacement Hip joint and the status of new technology and the new devices , and the experiences of associates of orthopedic surgeons in the country, faculty members of other universities, or other medical centers and other personalities outside the country are discussed.

The internationally approved medical and pharmaceutical companies by the Ministry of Health and Education have been trying to bring their scientific achievements to the Congress.

It is hoped that this year, the Executive Board, speakers of the congress and board of directors of this association will be able to take further steps in teaching and research and treatment as before

On  Behalf of the Board of Iranian Hip Surgeons ‘ Association

Dr.Daryush Guran Savadkoohi

Association chairman

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